Carry me to safety

Support worker Derick Green, reflects on how God is at work in Webber Street

People who come to Webber Street are homeless. Life is not very kind to them and so they lose hope. When they come to us, they often feel life is meaningless, there is no purpose to life; Sometime they have given up altogether.

Over a period of time we sit with them individually and speak with them, one to one, and listen to their stories. Whatever advice or practical help we can give, whatever word of wisdom from the Word of God, we can pass on them, we do so.

We show love, care and affection for them. And after a while, they begin to take in what we’re saying, and they begin to ask questions.

We have had quite a number of these people, who – I can’t say they have all made a commitment to Jesus – change the way they live, and their behavioural pattern changes. Some of them tell us: “I’m taking this God thing more seriously”.

one way we see God at work in their lives is in cutting down on their drinking habits.

A number of them who have gone into hostels, which is not an easy thing to do. They are looking forward to the day when they will be able to move out of hostel, probably to have a flat for themselves. So that’s the Lord’s grace at work in the lives of individual.

I grew up in the inner city of Kingston, Jamaica. I was surrounded by violence and I know people who have been caught up in it and killed. I could have been like any of these guys. But the Lord has delivered me from that situation, he has changed my life and many members of my family whose lives have been transformed because they know Jesus. Because of that, I have grown up with the desire to see other people’s lives change too.

At Webber Street, the Lord is with us. He has established this place and he keeps it going; Every day at Webber Street, we see that his presence is active here.

I think of Webber Street as an Ark. Not the ark of Noah, but the Ark of Jesus floating in the world, carrying people to safety, gathering people to bring them deliverance, to bring redemption, and to bring salvation.

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