Our impact

At Webber Street we work with guests to bring them to restoration

We’re here to share the love of Jesus with our guests through practical care and gospel outreach. And through that care, our good and merciful God is changing many people’s futures. Not only for eternity, but also in the here and now.

Every year we see hundreds of people walk into Webber Street day centre needing shelter and respite from sleeping rough on the streets. Our guests come from all walks of life, and from many different places. Their histories are just as diverse, but no less heartbreaking.

No matter how our guests came to walk through our doors here at Webber Street, no matter what state they’re in, we believe everyone is made in the image of God and are deeply valued by him.

Here they’ll not only find a warm meal, clean clothes, and a place to shelter for a while, but it’s also our prayer that they’ll come to know and understand just how much they’re loved by Jesus.

Finding God through the wrong turns

God took John on quite a journey before he started work at Webber Street as a Mission Associate. His experience in overcoming addiction and homelessness has helped us greatly in the work we do. And we thank God for his life.

A powerful game of cards

God often moves in ordinary ways. There are no grand gestures or powerful events, but seemingly everyday occurrences can lead to an eternity-transforming miracle.

Journeys to restoration

Being prepared to sit with people at their very lowest point enables them to begin to restore people to hope

Jesus Understands

Every morning before breakfast is served, guests are invited to hear a short talk based on the Bible – the foundation of our work

Come to Jesus

How faith inspires our practical support of people who are homeless

Restored to life

Rehabilitation and restoration is a life-long journey. Josef tells his story.

Carry me to safety

Support worker Derick Green, reflects on how God is at work in Webber Street

Happy Birthday Webber Street!

Celebrating 60 years of offering God’s love to people who are homeless